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THE Event for Businesswomen: womenbiz Summer Appetizer 2021

The womenbiz Summer Appetizer 2021 is THE summer event for female entrepreneurs. Participants can expect a relaxed ambience, summer delicacies and a captivating panel discussion. Among others, founder Silvia Capraro, whose success story started at STARTUPS.CH, will talk about her experiences.

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On August 25, 2021, THE summer event for female entrepreneurs will take place in Basel: the womenbiz Summer Appetizer. Among the panelists is successful businesswoman Silvia Capraro, who was accompanied by the STARTUPS.CH team when founding her own business.

THE recipe for female success

With over 700 members, womenbiz connects female entrepreneurs across all industries since 2013. The community’s ambitious vision is to create a networked membership circle and offer businesswomen a cross-media platform to create valuable synergies and central business circles. At womenbiz, female entrepreneurs not only share their own experiences, but can also draw on the knowledge of like-minded people to move forward together.

THE summer event for businesswomen

On August 25, 2021, the womenbiz Summer Appetizer will take place in Basel. Participants can expect a relaxed ambience, summer delicacies and a captivating panel discussion. With the exchange on the topic “From 0 to 100 as an entrepreneur”, womenbiz wants to encourage the participants of the event to turn their dreams into reality and go their own way.

THE successful panelists

In addition to popular Swiss singer Nubya and successful businesswoman Dr. Martina Vogel, owner of the communications agency comm.versa GmbH, founder Silvia Capraro will share her experiences with the panel guests as well. She is an online marketing specialist who has successfully founded her own consulting agency with the support of STARTUPS.CH. Silvia Capraro imparts her knowledge in those areas she cares for not only professionally but also privately: sports, active lifestyle and outdoor. With her work, the businesswoman helps companies to integrate online marketing into their business model.

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