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Report on Company Foundations October 2020: Record series remains unbroken

Despite the more severe corona measures, the number of start-ups continued to rise in October 2020. A total of 3956 companies were founded last month. In comparison to September 2020, this corresponds to an increase of 168 start-ups or 4.44%. The increase is even more significant compared to October 2019, the difference amounts to 224 start-ups or a whopping 6%.

Strong foundation figures despite renewed corona measures

In October 2020, 3956 companies were founded. This is the highest figure for the month of October since STARTUPS.CH began recording data in 2013. Although the economy was once again restricted by corona measures, the Swiss are proving to be entrepreneurial. Compared to September 2020, an increase of +168 start-ups or +4.44% was recorded. In comparison with October 2019, the increase is even +224 start-ups or +6%. The individual language regions also recorded predominantly positive results. If we compare the current figures with those of September 2020, it is evident that German-speaking Switzerland had an increase of +3.11% (+79 start-ups), French-speaking Switzerland of +6.79% (+73 start-ups) and Ticino of +9.14% (+16 start-ups). Compared to October 2020, the number of start-ups increased by 9.59% (+229 start-ups) in German-speaking Switzerland and by 0.7% (+8 start-ups) in French-speaking Switzerland. Only Ticino recorded a decline with -6.37% (-13 start-ups).

Varying situations in the individual cantons

The figures for the individual cantons paint a less clear picture. Compared to the previous month, the number of start-ups has decreased in the cantons of Berne (-12 start-ups or -3.74%) and Zurich (-22 start-ups or -3.09%). On the other hand, the cantons of Geneva (+18 start-ups or +5.29%), Lucerne (+23 start-ups or +15.03%), Ticino (+16 start-ups or +9.14%) and Vaud (+45 start-ups or +12.47%) all recorded increases. The canton of Appenzell Innerrhodes also stands out, with 8 companies more founded compared to the previous month, this corresponds to an increase of +114.29%. Compared to October 2020, the numbers in the cantons of Berne (+26 start-ups or +9.19%), Geneva (+16 start-ups or +4.68%), Lucerne (+8 start-ups or +4.76%), Vaud (+6 start-ups or +1.5%) and Zurich (+61 start-ups or +9.7%) have increased. Ticino, on the other hand, shows a decline of -13 new companies or -6.37%. In comparison with the previous year, some of the cantons with usually small foundation numbers have experienced a real boom in start-ups. The cantons of Appenzell Innerrhodes (+5 start-ups or +50%), Appenzell Outerrhodes (+11 start-ups or +61.11%), Nidwalden (+12 start-ups or +60%) and Obwalden (+7 start-ups or 70%) show significant increases.

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