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Read the most popular nonfiction books in 15 minutes with Blinkist

Blinkist summarises the key points of the most popular nonfiction books in concise short texts called blinks. Thus, each nonfiction book can be “read” in 15 minutes. Whoever does not want to read, the short texts can also be listened to as audio tracks. This is how the Berlin-based startup has its finger on the pulse of the times. The US venture capital company, Insight Venture Partners, also recognised this and has invested $35 million so far.

Great ideas in a nutshell

With Blinkist, the key points of the most popular nonfiction books can be read in 15 minutes. Timeless classics and popular guidebooks on productivity, business, science, and 20 other categories are compiled by Blinkist and concisely reproduced. None of the so-called blinks is longer than four to six A4 pages, which is why no more than a quarter of hour is required for reading a book. As a result, however, it is also clear that complex matters cannot be fully represented. Blinkist cannot replace reading the entire book, but rather helps primarily with understanding the key points of a work. It is very useful when browsing or when deciding whether or not you want to purchase a book. Whoever does not wish to read can also listen to the short texts as audio tracks. The entire assortment without limitations costs $89.99 per year. With the free subscription, one book chosen by the editorial staff can be read daily.

$ 35 million from American investors

With its concept, Blinkist has put its finger on the pulse of the times. Blinkist hit the market like a bomb in the USA. The American venture capital firm, Insight Venture Partners, recognised the potential of the Blinkist app and so far has invested 35 million in the Berlin-based startup. Insight Venture Partners was already involved in financing extremely successful startups like Twitter, Tumblr, and BlaBlaCar. Blinkist is still not so well-known in Europe. However, as a survey from LinkedIn Germany demonstrated, the company is one of the 20 most sought-after employers in the country due to its innovative product and the open corporate culture in Germany.

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