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Last-minute marketing campaigns for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you still have no idea what to do for your Christmas marketing campaign? No problem! These ideas will help you make customers, partners and employees happy in time for the festive season.

The first Advent markets have already been set up, Christmas decorations in shop windows and pedestrian zones are drawing attention, and the smell of gingerbread and mulled wine fills the streets – in short, Christmas is rapidly approaching. And you haven’t yet given any thought to Christmas marketing campaigns? This is no reason to panic or become dejected. You can still turn the tide, post Christmas mail and pack Christmas presents that will impress your customers, business partners or employees. So is all this effort worth it? Definitely! Christmas is a time to say thank you and to bring attention to your company through handy promotional gifts or exclusive greeting cards. Here’s how to get a marketing campaign or two up and running in the remaining time before Christmas.

Christmas post – greetings people don’t forget

Just say thank you – for the successful business cooperation, a customer’s loyalty or the successful annual accounts. The Christmas season – like no other time of the year – is the perfect occasion for this. Especially in times of the ever increasing flood of e-mails, card writers stand out positively. Whilst e-mails are often written off as advertising and end up in the recycle bin unread, a creative Christmas card is read with pleasure – and leaves a lasting impression. Why exactly is that? Without boring you with psychological lecture here, let me just touch on one point: Christmas mail is multi-sensory advertising, and a feast for our senses. A card can be touched, you can smell it and of course it is a visual feast for the eyes. Here you will find the best ideas for especially reflective Christmas cards to send. What they all have in common is that the cards will be with you within a matter of days, allowing them to be sent out in time for the holidays.

Christmas cards with a design – everything ready to go

You don’t have a graphics professional at your fingertips to design your Christmas mail? With the Christmas cards with a design, you don’t need one. All the ingredients are available here. All you have to do is pour them all together and create unique Christmas cards that your customers and partners will definitely never have seen before. Numerous Christmas motifs, even combined with exclusive refinements and materials are available for you to choose from. Simply configure the cards – from the choice of motif to the colour of the envelope – and within 3 – 4 working days you will have the Christmas post ready for mailing in your hands. Order as few as 25 Christmas cards and write a handwritten greeting to your most important business partners on each card. Alternatively, have the inside printed directly for larger quantities. This saves time later, when you’re preparing to send out your Christmas mail.

Greeting and invitation cards – made of exclusive materials, with exclusive finishing touches

Design your own Christmas motifs and create Christmas mail that is unique. Here a festive motif, there a striking finish and the right combination of materials to go with it – these are the ingredients for Christmas cards that the recipients will want to put on their desk or cupboard. You can design these festive greetings individually, for batches as small as 10 cards. The Christmas cards will be delivered to you within 3 to 4 working days. Quickly pen an individual greeting inside the cards, sign them and take them to the post office.

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Christmas presents – small pleasures with a big effect

Even small gifts often have a big effect. They can help your employees to get the new year off to a motivated start, regular customers feel appreciated and partners start the new financial year feeling good. Have you already thrown your hands up in despair? How are you supposed to pull off a gift campaign at this late date? With these products it will definitely work out in time.

Electric gifts – Powerbanks and thumb drive cards

Almost everyone is happy about electric gadgets like powerbanks and thumb drives. Especially the powerbanks made of aluminium make great customer gifts at Christmas. They are useful and with their shiny aluminium surface they are especially beautifully designed, making them a real head-turner! It’s the same thing with the thumb drive cards made of high-quality aluminium. They have the unusual shape of a credit card and are guaranteed to wow the recipient. Have an individual Christmas slogan engraved on the surface and you will have a unique Christmas present.

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Handy household items – glass decanter and lunch box

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sweets and little treats. Give your employees and customers something with practical value. Something that is not consumed and forgotten within seconds. For example, a stylish aluminium tin that makes an excellent bread and lunch box. Whether sandwiches, fruit or vegetables – everything fits in it. And on top of that, the box offers space to have your individual Christmas greeting engraved on it. A matching engravable stainless steel bottle with a bow handle is also available. A wonderful package for deserving employees or regular customers. The glass decanters with engravable stainless steel lids are practical and a real eye-catcher at the same time are. Thanks to a sieve and a large opening, water with peppermint leaves can be poured just as easily as hot drinks.

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Packaging material in your company look

The feeling of being given a present increases many times over if you package your little gifts individually – for example in a pillow box. Compact packaging makes smaller gifts such as powerbanks and thumb drives twice as impressive. The pillow boxes are available in different sizes and can be printed with a motif of your choice over the entire surface.

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