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Interview with Melchior Buchs – CEO of Business Parc Reinach

Melchior Buchs is CEO and Start-up Coach of Business Parc Reinach. The Reinach start-up centre provides people who want to become self-employed with free start-up advice on entrepreneurial activities and market entry.

Melchior Buchs Business Parc Reinach

Business Parc Reinach and STARTUPS.CH are entering into a co-operation. The two organisations have agreed to work more closely together in supporting company founders in the Basel region, thus making the most of their synergies. Read more in an interview with Melchior Buchs.

Interview with Melchior Buchs – CEO of Business Parc Reinach


What does the Business Parc offer to those who wish to become self-employed?

Melchior Buchs: We support budding entrepreneurs on their journey towards starting their own company. In this context, we provide start-up companies with premises, infrastructure and services, as well as offering advice and support during the founding phase, and coaching for the subsequent development phases.


How is your start-up centre different from similar institutions in the region?

Buchs: Compared to technological and innovation parks, which focus more on research and development, we offer support to candidates in all sectors, from craftsmen to graduates. While there are also commercial enterprises amongst our external members, the rental of office space in our building is clearly focused on service companies.


What does the Business Parc offer service providers?

Buchs: From the very first day you are on the market, and we provide you with a prestigious appearance and a professional environment where you can receive customers – from the spacious foyer, through flexible-use offices and meeting rooms, to cutting-edge equipment. In addition, on request we also deal with members’ telephone and postal services, relieving them of these and other administrative tasks so that they can concentrate fully on their core business.


Can aspiring young entrepreneurs afford a service package like this in addition to conventional office rental?

Buchs: The first consultation and business plan coaching session is free. It is funded by the cantons of Basel-Land, Basel City and Solothurn through a service contract. Our rental fees are slightly below the market price. A monthly membership fee covers all services including the cost of coaching. As members share the general infrastructure and services, the amount of CHF 350 per person is more than manageable. In addition, in the Business Parc members can enjoy exchanges with like-minded people, benefit from networking opportunities and be the recipients of expert knowledge.


The Business Parc concept seems to be working well. The start-up centre has been running since 1999. And you were recently vicariously awarded the Reinach Prize for your economic commitment to start-ups. Could you please summarise what you have achieved?

Buchs: Every year here, we conduct around 100 start-up consultations and 50 business plan coaching sessions; over the last 16 years, we have accompanied approximately 140 start-ups to successful development and have created more than 500 jobs. Our goal is not only to give entrepreneurs a promising start in the market, but also to help them maintain their position.


You have been in the job for less than a year. What’s the plan for the future? And what do you hope to gain from your co-operation with

Buchs: We want to position ourselves as a centre of excellence for start-ups in the region. With its know-how and services, STARTUPS.CH is an important partner.

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