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Digital advertising at SBB: kick-starting start-up growth

Pascal had a really great idea for a business. He founded a start-up full of motivation and gave it his all. There was only one thing missing: customers. But what’s the best way for him to reach the early adopters who can put the wind in his young business’s sails?

Starting out is always tough. Pascal’s budget for advertising is still very small; he can certainly not afford scatter loss. So it’s important for him to be able to appeal to his target customers as precisely as possible. Luckily, Pascal has a very clear idea of who they are: his potential customers are very keen on digital technology, mostly live in cities and urban areas and are aged 30 to 50. Of course, now he is faced with the question of how best to reach his early adopters.

After talking to the customer consultants at SBB Digital Advertising, it quickly becomes clear: activating a banner in the popular smartphone app SBB Mobile is the perfect solution. With this option, he can target his banner by age and place of residence and so focus precisely on his target group – saving himself any unnecessary advertising costs.

Small budget, large impact!

With the recent opening of her own café, Amélie has also made her dream come true. And like Pascal, she now has to make potential customers aware of her business, located near Lucerne station, as efficiently as she can. The customer consultants also recommend that she opt for a banner in SBB Mobile. And with the variety of targeting options on offer, she can define her target customers very precisely. By employing timetable and geolocation targeting, and narrowing exposure on the basis of age and sex, she can reach young women who spend time in the vicinity of her café or travel to Lucerne.

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