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Christmas gift tags

There’s no point giving great gifts if you don’t let everyone know who they are from! These custom-printed gift tags will make sure your customers remember you.

The lights are up, baubles are hanging on the tree and the smell of turkey hangs in the air…. It’s Christmas time! And that means it’s high time to give thanks to your most loyal customers, reliable suppliers and hard-working colleagues.

No matter what type of Christmas gift you go for, one thing is always important – it needs to be clear who has sent the present and why. Adding a personal greeting to your gift is vital. It is your way of saying thank you and expressing how much your relationship means.

Of course, not every present given in person. However, thanks to our creative and unusual gift tags you can finish yours off with a personal note, even if you are posting it.

Business card gift tags

Business cards do much more than simply share your contact information. You can turn them into folding cards made from high-quality materials or unique finishes. Flat hot foil stamping in special colours gives your gift tags a special sheen. The metallic effect reflects Christmas lights wonderfully, and there are even eco-friendly materials such as recycled or natural paper for the nature lovers among us.

It is always lovely to receive handwritten greetings. However, if you are sending a lot of gifts this can be a time-intensive job. You can save time by printing your Christmas greeting on the gift tags – just punch a hole in the corner and you have a unique, customised gift tag.

Practical, strong and durable: luggage tags

Luggage tags have to be durable to cope with extreme situations, from tightly packed train luggage racks to careless airport baggage handlers – heat, cold, rain and much more. Are durability and reliability hallmarks of your business too? If so, luggage tags also work as strong gift cards – justu add a Christmas greeting! The tags also have a practical plastic loop.

Gift tags that your customers can use again and again

Do you love giving people useful gifts? If so, why not attach a reusable gift tag to your present: a bookmark. These can be customised just like any other of FLYERALARM’s print products. Print a message on the front of the gift tag and your logo across the back. That way, your customers will see your logo whenever they snuggle up with a book.

That’s a great way to be remembered!

Of course, there many other ways of being creative and unusual with gift tags, and creating a lasting impression. Bottle tags and door tags can also be reused. Flyers printed on unusual materials or with the right finishes make great gift tags or even greeting cards and invitations. You can even make the most of the way you fix the tag to your gift, with printable gift ribbon to finish off the effect.

Be inspired and get creative, Christmas is just around the corner!

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